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Sales & Marketing

Why is Sales Important? 

“Sales and Marketing”

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How Marketing Delivering The Brand Promise?

“Brand Promise”

A brand Promise is A statement Which made by an organization to its customers stating can expect from their product and services.

Sales & Marketing Jobs

“Sales and Marketing Jobs”

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FPS Jobs is an innovative online educational job portal that came into existence on September 2015.  Marketing can be defined as being the intermediary function between product development and sales. Think of it as the storehouse for such things as advertising, public relations, media planning, sales strategy, and more. It’s the marketing professionals job create, manage, and enhance brands. Browse thousands of Jobs in top companies & industries on basis of your skills or designation on Register Free to Apply online.

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Foundation Maths Faculty Jobs | Maths Teacher Jobs | Fpsjob.

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“Foundation Maths Faculty Jobs”

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Lecturer Jobs In India | Fps Job

Apply for Latest Lecturer Jobs In India on, India’s #1 educational job portal, You can explore all educational jobs, lecturer jobs, etc.

The profession involves a dialogic process where there is a constant process of dialogue between the student and the lecturer. Hence an individual aspiring for the position should have pleasing personality to achieve a comfort level with the students. The lecturer may pursue research simultaneously to the benefit of his organization.

Lecture job in India

Teaching as a profession is divided into many areas of specializations, each requiring different skill-sets and each employing a different method of training. Some of the major areas of specialization include teaching at nursery schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges- universities, institutes, and special schools (for students with specific needs).

Teaching Jobs In India

FPSJOB is the way to find best teacher to all the private schools and Govt. Connect with 11000+ Verified schools and apply to 16000+ Teaching jobs in India. It is Platform which offer one stop solution to bridge the gap between Teacher, Schools and parents by putting all school activity under a solitary umbrella. We are living your dream to become a teacher. Create a profile, find the desired teaching job and constitute your dream into reality. 

Teaching Jobs In India,

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Teacher Jobs

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Academic Job in India

Top Coaching Institutes India

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Steps For Successful Career Planning

It may be overwhelming but career planning is the utmost requirement of the professional life. There is a famous saying that “if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”; that fits exactly in career planning. It does not matter where you have started, but your growth and achievement depend on the planning effort that you make.

Career Planning may be assumed as a one-time process but that is the most blundered approach one can even make to career planning. It is basically a continuous process of setting the professional goals and figures out the ways to meet those in due course of time. If you are starting with your career planning, then you must ensure that you carry that out in phase manners. There are different phases that should be compiled to have better results.

Phases of Career Planning


There is no plan unless you understand your need. One needs to understand the interest areas, strength, weaknesses and the long term goals in order to plan for the career. This step is the foundation stone of a successful career and the margin of error is very minimal at this stage.


Once you have figured out your interest areas, strength, weaknesses, and goals, you start the research on those. If you are seeking a Scientist role, then you must research on the job. The qualification required, skillsets the market wants, what successful scientists possess as skillsets for example. This would be helpful to build a blueprint for career planning. The research further fine tune your Self-Assessment layout.

Gap Analysis

Once you know what is required and what you have, it becomes easier to carry out a gap analysis. All you have to do is to do a thorough gap analysis to understand the skills and attributes that need to be acquired to achieve goals. This is again a very important phase and the margin of deviation from the process is very minimum.


There can be various gaps that are identified. However, it is not always possible to target all the gaps. The review process is thus very important. This is a phase where you have to scan and optimize the target. You can also prioritize the skills that are to be acquired. Suppose, you need to fill the gap for communication along with others. In such cases, communication should be at the top.


This is a very important and continuous process. This is the process to acquire the skills that are required to fill the gap that has been identified in the analysis phase. It can be in terms of academic qualifications, certification, particular skill-acquiring, training or any other things that are missing.


This is the most important and crucial stage of career planning. This is where you work out the plan for successful career development. One puts all the hard work to formulate the plan and here you prepare the action plan just before the execution. It can be obtaining training, enrolling for course, start interactions, build networks and others.

Career Planning is a continuously evolving process. The plans keep on changing as per the requirement and stages of the career.