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Steps For Successful Career Planning

It may be overwhelming but career planning is the utmost requirement of the professional life. There is a famous saying that “if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”; that fits exactly in career planning. It does not matter where you have started, but your growth and achievement depend on the planning effort that you make.

Career Planning may be assumed as a one-time process but that is the most blundered approach one can even make to career planning. It is basically a continuous process of setting the professional goals and figures out the ways to meet those in due course of time. If you are starting with your career planning, then you must ensure that you carry that out in phase manners. There are different phases that should be compiled to have better results.

Phases of Career Planning


There is no plan unless you understand your need. One needs to understand the interest areas, strength, weaknesses and the long term goals in order to plan for the career. This step is the foundation stone of a successful career and the margin of error is very minimal at this stage.


Once you have figured out your interest areas, strength, weaknesses, and goals, you start the research on those. If you are seeking a Scientist role, then you must research on the job. The qualification required, skillsets the market wants, what successful scientists possess as skillsets for example. This would be helpful to build a blueprint for career planning. The research further fine tune your Self-Assessment layout.

Gap Analysis

Once you know what is required and what you have, it becomes easier to carry out a gap analysis. All you have to do is to do a thorough gap analysis to understand the skills and attributes that need to be acquired to achieve goals. This is again a very important phase and the margin of deviation from the process is very minimum.


There can be various gaps that are identified. However, it is not always possible to target all the gaps. The review process is thus very important. This is a phase where you have to scan and optimize the target. You can also prioritize the skills that are to be acquired. Suppose, you need to fill the gap for communication along with others. In such cases, communication should be at the top.


This is a very important and continuous process. This is the process to acquire the skills that are required to fill the gap that has been identified in the analysis phase. It can be in terms of academic qualifications, certification, particular skill-acquiring, training or any other things that are missing.


This is the most important and crucial stage of career planning. This is where you work out the plan for successful career development. One puts all the hard work to formulate the plan and here you prepare the action plan just before the execution. It can be obtaining training, enrolling for course, start interactions, build networks and others.

Career Planning is a continuously evolving process. The plans keep on changing as per the requirement and stages of the career.

How To Elevate Yourself When Your Job Search And Life Are Dragging You Down

How To Elevate Yourself When Your Job Search And Life Are Dragging You Down

After completing studies everyone wants to get their dream job. Those processes of exploring the job opportunities sometimes make you feel defeated or dejected, and it results in rather boosting inferiority complexes. At these times, it is very important to understand that there is no such thing as failure. Every experience, struggle, and rejections are in fact opportunities in disguise to help us turn into a better and strong person.

Here we are listing some motivational and positive things that may help you to cope up with job search struggles

Every sunrise brings new hopes and blessings. It is important to clutter your past feelings because if we hold on to past failures; we can’t make the room for new things. Life is in this moment so we can make the change now.

How To Elevate Yourself When Your Job Search And Life Are Dragging You Down

  • Believe in the divine timing because faith is best assent in testing times.
  • There is “law of attraction theory” which says you can manifest anything in your life. To get what you desire, you need to keep your vibrations high. This can be achieved by doing meditation, reading positive things and staying cheerful. Always remember, negative thoughts lead you nowhere.
  • Never let that shine dim within you. Hard work always pays off. A person who makes hundred of efforts is far better than those who did nothing. Even if you have to face failure, so what!! Turn every failure into an opportunity to strike back with more zeal and enthusiasm.
  • Follow your passion, dreams and desires. Clarity is the most important ingredient to manifest just what you desire. Have a clear idea of what kind of a job you can do with great interests. Have the confidence that you are born to do the job of your dreams and strive for it.
  • Stop complaining about life and failures. Always remember that what is important today will become unimportant tomorrow. Happiness is not in money, objects or people, but an internal phenomenon. Grumbling and complaining is not a solution. In short, grumbling and fussing is not going to work. Accepting whatever is happening around is felicity. Ungrateful attitude can be the biggest hurdle in your way. One should always learn to embrace the uncertainty of life. Miracles happen every moment; all you need is to believe.
  • Make a habit of getting up an hour early from usual time in the morning. Set up a positive intention and repeat it a few times as it helps you to get through the day. Rushing morning routine makes you irritated, frustrated, and negative throughout the day. Be with yourself and spend some time in your company. Experiment it and feel the difference.
  • Mostly people remain inactive and keep on thinking. But, to reach your benchmark, don’t just keep sitting. We are hasty in mind and slow in action. Instead, be quick in action and calm in mind. Don’t get attach to one idea. Be prepared with alternatives, so that if one thing doesn’t work. Know that only best will happen. Change your attitude and be brave.There is a famous quote “God helps those who help themselves’’.
  • Before going to bed every night, take a moment and say thanks to your creator for everything you have in life.
  • Life is in this moment and the time to be happy is ….right now.

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